Plan Your Winter Trip to Skagit County

Winter and the holiday season are a great time to visit Burlington and Skagit County. To make your trip as simple as possible, we’ve put together this helpful guide to planning a 2-day trip to Skagit County. See you soon!

Day 1

Stop by the Visitor’s Center

Start your visit by stopping by Burlington Visitor Information Center. We can get you maps of the area and let you know about local events! We’re open 8:30 am - 5 pm almost everyday of the year, and our helpful staff will make sure your questions are answered!


Visit a Local Event

There are a variety of local winter events in Skagit County you can plan on visiting. These include:

Tour a Winery

Skagit County has a variety of wineries and cideries, and 6 of them are less than 20 minutes from Burlington! Whether you’re looking to enjoy an afternoon tasting wine, or want to take a bottle to go, Skagit’s wineries have what you need.


See A SHow

There are two wonderful theaters within a short drive of Burlington. Check out their website for shows, dates, and times:

Spend the Night in Comfort

Hotels, motels, extended stay suites, campgrounds, RV parks and more are available to stay at while you are staying in Skagit. Find out about all the lodging options on the Stay portion of our site.


Day 2

Get Some Breakfast

Cafe Burlington, Billy’s Cafe and the Trainwreck Bar and Grill all have great breakfast options. But don’t take our word for it, check out the variety of places to eat on our Dine Page.


Head Outside

Winter is a great time to see the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about our fantastic parks and trails below:

Do Some Shopping

Burlington is home to a wide variety of retail stores and outlets, selling everything from exercise equipment to home electronics. For the a comprehensive list, check out our Shop page.

Childrens museum Checkerboard.jpg

Visit a Museum

Who says learning can’t be fun? There some great museums for all ages within a short drive of Burlington.

Pick up a Pint

With over 11 breweries in Skagit County, there’s no shortages of places to have a great beer. Check out the Skagit Farm to Pint Passport & Ale Trail Guide for more info!